How Old Is My Quadrophenia Vinyl Album?
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How can I tell if my copy of Quadrophenia is an original pressing?

I bought some random records on ebay, and in amongst them was Quadrophenia, double album, gatefold with booklet still attached. I googled and followed someones suggestion of and searched, which lead me to this page : Quadrophenia Pressings.

So, checking the Cat# on my copy: 2657 013, which means it is either an original 1973 UK pressing, or a 2007 (3rd from bottom of list) US pressing. How can I tell which it it?
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Looking at that list, I think the 2007 pressing would almost certainly include a label for Classic Records. Like this one.
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I don't know if it is true for Quadrophenia, but most LPs have a code scratched into the vinyl in the ring surrounding the label.

check this out
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One way to tell the difference between a Classic reissue and the original pressing is the weight. A 200 gram Classic re-press will weigh almost twice as much as your average piece of 1970s vinyl. Most of their covers are quite convincing (I think the label shown above is usually on the shrink wrap rather than the cover itself) but there should be a small Made in USA/Classic records on the label. An original pressing would look something like this and the Classic like this. My Classic pressings of Hendrix all use that same monochrome Track label.
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Sorry, that is the first US pressing shown above, not the first UK pressing. I blame a lack of coffee.
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gatefold with booklet still attached

I no longer have my original copy, but I bought Quadrophenia when it first came out and the booklet was NOT attached to the gatefold then.
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I bought my copy in the US.
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If none of the other techniques work, you should be able to tell from the matrix codes (etched into the vinyl between the runout grooves). From the photos on Discogs it looks like the recent reissue has handwritten matrix codes, while the ones on the original pressing shown are stamped. I doubt the reissue has a big enough pressing that you'd see many variations. But the guys on the Hoffman forums would be able to tell you what you have regardless.
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Thanks Lorin, its a repress. Damn!
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