Just another guy creeped out by Facebook
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I have never logged into Facebook on my iPad, but the Facebook social plugin on AVclub.com knew who I was anyway. What's going on?

Additional info: I haven't logged into my AVclub account on the iPad either. The Facebook app is installed on my iPhone, which I use with the same apple id, but I haven't let it near the iPad. I have logged into my google account on the iPad, in the email app and in Safari. The twitter app is installed, which copies my tweets to my Facebook statuses, but did not require me to log into my Facebook account.
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If you go to facebook.com on your ipad, are you logged in?
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Response by poster: Yikes, I was logged in. Facebook didn't recognize the iPad as a new device, so I'm wondering if Safari data from my iPhone got transferred. Still kinda creepy..
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wouldn't you have had to login in order for the twitter application to have access to facebook so that it could copy your tweets into your status messages?
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Yorick, think the answer is somewhere between you and modernnomad. Twitter app would have needed permissions against FB as per the approval process but it must have synced your credentials from another device? If you're using your apple account (whatever it's called these days) this is pretty likely.
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