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I want to be licensed. Licensed for as many things as I possibly can. Hunting, shooting, fishing, arms dealing, chair building, carpet spraying, anything at all. If there are licenses that I can apply for at a nominal cost, I'd like to know about them.

I can get a shotgun license fairly cheap (£50), and I can become an ordained bishop over the internet for $10. But what other licenses can I get for under £20 a throw? What things do you need licenses to do these days? Can I become a licensed chiropractor? A licensed henchman? I want to legally be able to do as many things as possible that require licenses to do.

(Yes, I already have a driving license)
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How about a liscense to sell hair tonic to bald eagles in Omaha, Nebraska?
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It depends on the locale. Here in the US, I think you can be a licensed hunter or fisherman, a licensed fortune teller or a licensed therapist. Other licenses like licensed electrician or contractor may actually require some know-how and/or tests. You can check out this licensed occupations database for more ideas.
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You can become a minister of the Universal Life Church for free.

Also, have you thought about becoming some kind of notary public (though you haven't said where you're from)? That seems pretty nifty to me.
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Awesome. I went through one of these phases.

Bear in mind that many of these licenses require renewal and maintenance courses.
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I have a forklift driver's license, getting it took a few hours. It's usually done on-site at the business whose employees need certification, but I'm sure you could make some arrangements with the instructor if you call far enough ahead.
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Go for the higher level driver's licenses. Are you motorcycle certified? Can you drive big rigs? I've got most of the driving endorsements that Florida offers, including the aforementioned and Emergency Vehicle Operator Certification, which has gotten me out of several speeding tickets.
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I've always wanted to be a Notary Public, but I hear it costs some money.
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Get a HAM Radio license. Cost me something like $35 and it's good for life (well, it is in Canada, anyways). It's actually tough enough (especially if you go for the Advanced version) it'd be worth throwing on a resume.
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In California, and other states, I believe, you can get licensed by the state to carry teargas.

Best investment of a few bucks and a couple hours I ever spent.
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OK RJ, you've piqued my interest. Why teargas? Bears? Door to door salesmen?
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Dude, if you're gonna go certa-nuts, at least do something useful and get your St. John's Ambulance First Aid certification with CPR.

If you want to go the extra mile, do lifesaving-level swimming, too.
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I'll second the ham radio license. Fairly inexpensive in the US, no morse code needed for the entry level (Technician) license, only 5 wpm morse needed for General or Extra (along with additional multiple choice technical tests. 5 wpm can be achieved with ten to fifteen minutes of practice every day for 30-45 days (no skipping).

And it's a fun hobby. Many facets of operation, from satellite to low-power, inexpensive DX (long-distance). Chat with people who are interesting (most of the time), help entertain the (largely) aging population of licensees, while entertaining yourself. Pitch in in times of disaster. E-mail in profile if interested.
73 de N9XS
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I've got a Confined Space Entry Certification - or if it comes up after a few beers, I'm certified to enter manholes. Like cali's forklift, I got certified at work in a few hours.
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I got my ham radio license when I was fourteen, so I think most anyone should be able to do it.
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I don't know about other places, but in New York you need a license to braid hair.
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interrobang: wikipedia suggests US$35--but that seems to only be for Virginia...if all states are about the same it isn't too bad--especially for how incredibly cool you'd be after you became one.
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Response by poster: I'm based in the UK, so it would have to be UK based certifications. I'd like to get a motorcycle license and I already have bronze level lifeguarding.

Clearly, a lot of vehicle licenses available to choose from. Confined Space Entry, I'm sure that sounds more porno than it actually it... :)

I'm thinking more obscure licenses, like fishery licenses, trade licenses of any kind. I kind of expected that some would need renewal, I'd prefer ones that have a good lifespan on them.
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Piloting, hunting, coaching sailing, realtors, massage therapists, ham radio, VHF radio, motorboating license, notary public.
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RJ Reynolds: California is weird as hell. You have to get a license to carry teargas? Here in Pennsylvania, I can carry any- and everything legal, short of a concealed firearm, without a license.

I'm expecting my concealed firearms license to arrive any day now. But, owing as how this dude's in England, a CCL isn't really an option.

I suggest hunting and fishing licenses. They tend to be cheap. Also, make sure that you pick up every driving-related license you can: motorcycle, commercial vehicle, cab/limo, lorry, farm equipment, etc.
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You live in the UK, can't you get a license to kill?
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If you're paying in pounds sterling, you'll be needing a licence - not as snarky as it may seem, as it'll lead to better Google results for the UK.

You can get a licence to watch TV in the UK for just £75.
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There was a fellow who, in the pre-television days, did a kind of vaudeville show where he would pull any kind of certificate or license you could imagine out of his pockets. You'd name it, he'd show it--and it would have his name as the recipient. If he didn't have it, he'd promise to have it the next time he performed in town. The act was all the more genius because he had a specially modified costume with pockets everywhere, and he'd go right to the appropriate pocket. I can't remember his name, but for some reason I want to say that Ricky Jay wrote about him.
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In the US we have licenses to keep exotic animals. $10 a year.
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"I've got a license for my pet fish, Eric..."
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Response by poster: Somebody sent this through via my website (thank you to anonymous contributor):

I think I'd like an explosives license, a dog breeder license, and a license to put skips wherever I want... :)
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