Best resources for swim training?
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Best resources for swim training? Looking for books, videos, etc, that provide drills and training programs for solo workouts.

I'm a pretty good swimming, and I want to make it a focus of my exercise for the next year. What are the best resources for self-directed training? I'm not particularly interested in personal coaching -- just want some books that offer a lot of "do this, not that" kind of direction.
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I consistently see Total Immersion as the best reviewed program for this from people that know what they're talking about.
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2nd for Total Immersion. Worked really well for me. It's a series of drills designed to get you more streamlined and efficient in the water.
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With the caveat that the focus is on technique rather than 'training programs': 3rd-ing Total Immersion, I went on a weekend course with the guy many years ago. The videos (there certainly used to be some) may be helpful.
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At my Y I'm able to take single lessons for $35. If you have a similar resource I'd advise taking a lesson once in a while to get some feedback on what you're doing on your own. This time last year I was working my way up to a mile; If I'd had someone there to tweak my technique -- or even tell me to slow down my pace a bit -- I probably wouldn't have needed that RC surgery this summer.

I just got cleared for the lap pool again. Even though I'm only back up to ~ 300m I took a lesson last week, and I'll continue to take single lessons as I reach new milestones. (And since I go to the pool every day the lifeguards know me well enough to see my overall progression.)
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Uh...4thing Total Immersion. I have the book, and I think there are videos on the website. What was most helpful for me is how he describes how to position your body for maximum efficiency. The instructions are so clear and simple that I was able to read the book and apply his techniques the next time I was in the pool. It was great!
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If you're looking to improve your form, I like the website. Lots of good information there particularly the animations which help you visualize good form.
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