Cranberry sorbet + ?
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I'm making a little bit of cranberry sorbet (possibly with port) tomorrow as a palate cleanser and need suggestions for completing the dish-- maybe a complementary flavor of sorbet, a little savory cookie, or something else?

My first thought was to use a melon baller and serve a couple tiny scoops of sorbet along with a white chocolate truffle the same size. But I would really rather it be more light and refreshing, because I am still making two real desserts (pear-cranberry crumble (or maybe pear-chestnut) and pumpkin tofu pie). I could make grapefruit sorbet, but I don't know if the flavors would work together. Or maybe a macaron, either not too sweet or straight-up savory. Or cheese? At home I have grapefruit, prunes, dried figs, Asian pears, oranges, persimmons, and apples, but I'm headed to the store anyway.
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Ooh, how about a ginger snap to go with the middle layer!
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As a palate cleanser, I would add nothing more, save for a small sprig of mint. This is not a dessert piece, but rather an in between refresher.
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(Just to clarify: I'm only making the cranberry part of that picture.)
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What leapt immediately to mind upon reading your question was a thin, crisp, orange rosemary cookie. I have no idea if this would taste good or go well with the sorbet, but it sounds nice, doesn't it?
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brandysnap cookie rolled, with the sorbet piped into the middle...
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Tiny, crumbly apple-cheese scones.
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The idea of orange-rosemary cookie is intriguing. You might also try adding something else to the cranberry, such as Gran Marnier or Cointreau. Finally, I've been tempted to try a cranberry sorbet with Campari, a bit of rosewater (perhaps a teaspoon or two) and a pinch of sea salt--not enough for salty flavor, but to reduce bitterness.
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I agree that you don't need anything to go with it if you're serving it as a palate cleanser. Personally, I love your melon ball presentation idea, maybe served in a port glass with tiny spoons. If you go with port, I'd top each with a couple of pink peppercorns. If you made the sorbet with Grand Marnier or Cointreau, you could top each with an orange peel twist.
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I have often made cranberry ice for TDay, as a palate cleanser/kid-pleaser. I make it from 1 can cran jelly, sweeten with undiluted frozen limeade, and add fresh lime juice and cranberry (or cran-raspb.) juice to taste, blitz in food processor, freeze, mash, freeze, mash, etc. I have made it with orange instead of lime.

That recipe you linked looks enticing. In any case, I'd only add a couple cranberries, or a thin lime or orange slice as garnish. I serve it in wine glasses. If I had some raspberry syrup or liqueur, or, in your case, port, I might put some in the glass 1st.
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What about scooping it with a melon baller, then drizzling just a little melted white chocolate on the sorbet, then refreezing?
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You could make granita, place a melon ball-sized scoop on top and garnish with fresh mint as wocka wocka wocka suggests. The presentation would be lovely.

The colours might be reversed, but I picture it looking something like this.
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