Where did my style go?
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Why did my favorite bar style option vanish from Microsoft Project 2007 after upgrading to Windows 7 and re-installing?

Being picky about MS Project: I've been using MS Project 2007 for my job, and I've used a simple, square-cornered style for my timeline bars. Our IT folks recently upgraded us from XP to Windows 7, which meant I had to reinstall MS Project. Now that bar style option is no longer available. I have updated Project with SP3, the latest update I can find.

The closest I can get to my old style is a rounded bar with a drop-shadow, which doesn't print out as cleanly as the style I was using. Here's an image that shows what I mean.

Much Googling has failed me, and our IT department has no clue either. Any suggestions?

(Before you ask: choosing different "start" and "end" styles to add to the middle style does not replicate the desired style; it was definitely a single "middle" style choice. Also, the desired style choice does not appear in either the global formatting or in formatting an individual bar.)
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Just as another data point I am using Project 2007 (12.0.6211.1000) SP1 on a windows xp machine and I also do not have the squared-end bar option. I only have what you show in your screenshot.

Possibly just some random design decision by MS?
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Tools / Options / View / uncheck "Bars and shapes in Gantt views in 3D"

Credit to Google and this guy
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Holy cow! Wretch729, I bow to your Google skills. Thanks tons!
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