I require a time machine
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I would dearly like to locate a screenshot of AmericanCensorship.org as it appeared one week ago. My attempts to do this have failed.

I checked out AmericanCensorship.org last week after the banner appeared on MeFi's logo. I was on a tiny phone when I saw it but the way they presented the petition (I think that's what was there) seemed to work really well within the homepage layout as it was at the time. We have a similar petition-based public interest campaign we're launching here, and the way this was all executed is something I would really like to be able to look at again.

The site has since been updated and the petition isn't there. I have done a Google images search and checked Wayback at the Internet Archive, but I can't find any screenshot of the previous version of the site. If anyone can point me to one or suggest other ways to search, I'd be grateful.

I understand one may not exist but the site got so much coverage that day, I suspect the problem may be me and not The Internet...
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