High-quality daily Tweets (inspirational quotes, love/sex tips etc.)?
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Which Twitter users post high-quality daily tweets? (one-liners, inspirational quotes, love/sex tips, that kind of thing)

My lady friend is looking for a source of daily tweets (or daily text messages) with pithy messages - inspirational quotes, love/sex tips, or one-liners.
More requirements:
* The user/account should tweet preferably once a day, but not 10 times a day as many accounts do
* Tweet every day, or at least 3 days a week
* No emo/teen tweets, no God/religion tweets

As silly and easy this might be, so far I've yet to find something of high quality:
@BestAt - one-liners. Most are obscure and not funny. Also, too many per day.
https://twitter.com/#!/QuoteGenius - pretty good, though spotty and a bunch of God stuff
https://twitter.com/#!/xxLove_Quotesxx - lame naive stuff

Sending "LOVE" to 44636 (4INFO) in the US subscribes you to what apparently are non-lame reminders (e.g. "stock up your SO's favorite snack or candy").

Anyway, the idea is: how can she get short daily "pick me up" texts, or sexy tips on her phone, without me proxying them?
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@DrPeterThraft is my favourite for comedy sex tips (he does occasionally come out with something useful, too)
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@tinybuddha is my favorite for inspirational quotes.
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Although technically a religious person, the @DalaiLama tweets tend to be of the inspirational variety.
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Perhaps the Happiness Project might work for you?
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@gregerskine (MeFi's own Greg Nog) only Tweets about twice a day, but the Tweets are of the highest quality, and of great help in keeping my own life running smoothly.
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It's hard to find someone who regularly posts one or just a few times a day, but not 10 or more times. Most people either tweet occasionally (less than once a day) or constantly (10 or more times a day).

Anyway, my recommendations, though they don't post every day:

Jenny Holzer

Joanne Abk
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LaoTzunit tweets taoist quotes on a regular basis.
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Megan Amram is hilarious, but a possibly an acquired taste?
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but possibly*
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My favorite is Matthew Baldwin. He does just tweet funny things when he thinks of them, but I think it's somewhere in the range of 3-10 tweets a week.
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The research staff for the BBC quiz show QI post interesting trivia and quotations fairly frequently at @qikipedia.
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Not quite ten times a day, but TheIlluminati is a frequent fnord of advice and inspiration.
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Conan O'Brien.
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I follow Real Time WWII, which posts headlines and news in real time (Currently it's in 1939) and it never fails to put my life into perspective.
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Response by poster: @DrPeterTaft quality seems much lower these days; he tweets about how he reports certain Twitter users that bug him. @gregerskine tweets in ALL CAPS, and quite obscurely.

@madeupstats was a random find - good fun made up statistics, e.g. Retail: A disappointing 1.4% of self-help books are paid for at a self-service checkout.
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Response by poster: Jenny Holzer tweets in ALL CAPS AS WELL (WHAT'S UP WITH THAT), though I guess it would be tolerable if read one tweet at a time. Joanne Abk unfortunately stopped tweeting a year ago.

@shitmydadsays is fun sometimes.
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