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How can I find out the word count of a published book?

I'm interested in being able to look up the total word count of a published book (specifically JFK's "Profiles in Courage," but would like to have the ability for other titles as well). Is there anyway I can easily find this out?
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Amazon has this information on their text stats page. This is available for any book that's in Amazon's "Search Inside the Book" program.
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Awesome. I don't think I've ever noticed Text Stats, let alone clicked on it. Thanks!
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Do you need precise word counts?

In general, I've found that approximate word counts are easily obtained through random sampling. For example, you might manually count all the words on a single page and then multiply by the number of pages in the book. It's easy to take smaller samples, too, and still come up with a reasonable approximation. If you don't need exact word counts, and if you have access to the books, this might be a quick and easy way to get the information you need.
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mbrubeck: That's a very cool feature, but I must be dense-- where is the link on the main "Profiles of Courage" page that leads to the one you link to?
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Text Stats
Readability: (learn more) Complexity: (learn more)
Fog Index:
Complex Words:
Flesch Index:
Flesch-Kincaid Index:

Number of: Fun Stats:


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The link was in the "Inside the Book" section right after the Review and Product Details.
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jdroth, it's nothing scientific, usually just idle curiosity. For me, the hassle of doing a random sample isn't in going about it, but in getting my hands on a physical copy of the book (I'm frequently thinking back on books I read years ago, and the desire for the info outweighs the trouble of finding a copy in a store/library).
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