Birds of peace? Not always.
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I work at an animal shelter and someone gave us white doves. There's a mom, dad, and son. Originally the son was very young and his feathers weren't grown in, so we kept them together. Now he is a young adult and both he & his dad are doing the "bow & coo" aggressive stance at each other. Should I separate him from his parents? I know doves shouldn't be alone, but they are getting territorial at this point, so what should we do?
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Forget separating the males. You should separate the female from the males asap unless you want more doves.
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We're monitoring the cage for eggs so more offspring won't be a problem. She has bonded with her original mate so I'm told it's best to keep them together. I was mainly wondering how to handle the son situation.
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Can you keep them in cages next to each other? That way they're not alone, but since they're not in the same cage, they can't fight.
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Why not? Seems like the best option so far.
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