A funeral suit in NY
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I have to fly out to Long Island, NY (Nassau Country) for a funeral. I don't have an appropriately somber suit or the time to get one before I leave, and I am what you call "big" (135 kg) but not that tall (175cm). Where can I get a suit on short notice, that is not too expensive (max. $500)? I would prefer not to have to go into the city, but will if that's my only option.
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There are lots of Men's Wearhouses out there.
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To clarify my budget, I just need a jacket and pants, and probably an appropriate tie. I have the rest.
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There's a Syms in Westbury. Call before going, because they might have gone out of business.
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You can go to Kohl's and get a jacket and slacks. They have a big and tall section. Here is an example.
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OH! There are suits too. There are many locations in Nassau County, I don't know which town you will be in, but I am sure you will find one close by.
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Target sells suits.
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Men's Wearhouse will they will have a better selection of suits in your size and they can do on-sight alterations. I've had great experience suiting up a past boyfriend at Men's Wearhouse, and he had special fit issues. Syms is going out of business and likely won't have a good selection.
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Syms is still there, but doubtful you'll find anything. Mens Warehouse works, but is a bit pricey for "I just need this suit not and won't even wear it for another 5-10 years, I just can't wear jeans". I love the two suits I got there. There's a half dozen in Nassau. Roosevelt Field (huge mall) has several department stores ranging from JCP to Nordstroms. They also have a Brooks Brothers, though same day alterations might be out there. You can't throw a rock and not hait a dry cleaner/tailor in central Nassau, so that wouldn't be an issue. There's a larger BB store in the Miracle Mile on the north shore, if that's closer to where you are.

You will not get any tailoring and probably very slim pickings at places like Target and Kohls.
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I would rule out most department stores if your waist size is larger than 44 inches. Men's Wearhouse is going to be your best bet, though you can check out the Rochester Big & Tall in Manhasset if that's nearby. They have on-site same day tailoring as well.
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Thank you for your suggestions everyone. I'll check out Men's Wearhouse first and go from there. I've been to Roosevelt Field before, and will check them out too of the Wearhouse doesn't work out.
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If Roosevelt Field is your fall back, there's a Men's Warehouse on the opposite side of Old Country Road.
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