Does the feast before the fast matter?
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Is it stupid for me to get a cholesterol blood test the Friday morning after Thanksgiving? My doctor instructed me to fast for at least 7 hours prior to the test, but I just read something else online that said I should fast for more like 14 hours, and not drink alcohol for 48 hours prior to getting the test.
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Push it out until Monday if you can. There's a better chance of your blood not being 35% gravy on Monday as it would be on Friday.
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Yes. Reschedule.
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Totally reschedule.
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Just call your doctor and ask him to reiterate the 7 hour rule and ask him about alcohol. If not, it's not like Thanksgiving is a ritual where you inject lard into your veins. It's just a big meal, and probably not any bigger than one you'd have before a fast anyway.
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Yes, put it off. I once had blood work done two days after having a bit of a binge with leftover Halloween candy. My numbers were so out of whack, my doctor thought the lab had made a mistake. A couple weeks later my do-over blood work reverted to my normal, healthy, non-candy blowout numbers.
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Here are some general guidelines, I don't know how accurate they are.
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I think you're doing Thanksgiving wrong, thewumpus. Rescheduling is in order. I just did one of these, and doc said 12-hour fast was minimum.
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I'm not specifically sure about cholestoral testing, but certainly these things can show abnormal results if you've eaten the wrong thing too closely to the test.

Example: eating a can of these on the same day that you get a blood pressure test. I'm pretty sure that a serving size is less than a full can, and it has more than 100% of your daily recommended intake of sodium (of course, this wasn't realized until several days AFTER the tes).

The doctor then demanded a full month of daily blood pressure monitoring just to make sure that the result really was an anomaly.
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Yes, reschedule.
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(An outpatient lab is open Friday morning? I hope those phlebotomists are getting holiday pay.)
The link that mareli posted is what I've heard from endocrinologists - lipoprotein levels aren't responsive to short-term changes, but the other components of the lipids panel can be, so you should schedule the test at a time when you're eating and drinking as you usually do, and fast overnight before the test. I've not been told to abstain from alcohol beforehand but it makes sense - lipid metabolism is chiefly hepatic, alcohol metabolism generally takes precedence over other hepatic functions, so if you drink more heavily than usual, you'll throw off your serum lipid levels.
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