NuBus Ethernet Adaptor help needed!
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I have a Apple Macintosh Performa 5300 that I am trying to get on the net. I pulled an old Asante ethernet adaptor out of another old mac but I still can seem to get my Performa up and surfing the internets.

I have downloaded what I think is the right driver for it off the Asante "Legacy Downloads" section and it doesn't seem to work. I also low level formated the Performa's hard drive and put a fresh install of Mac OS 9.1 on it. Also the card's green LED blinks non stop wether there is a network cable plugged in or not. The yellow LED NEVER comes on. Can you help me by identifying EXACTLY what model it is?

Here is are some pictures of the card

These images are huge so you can see all the detail.

(I would have made real links but they kept freaking out)
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i am going to try REALLY HARD not to come off sounding like a complete asshat, but can i just ask one question?
once you get this up and running on the net what do you plan on doing with it? any more then just email? because i have a feeling anything else, you will just became extemely frustrated with the lack of performance. i know money is a big factor in any computer venture, but will the frustration be worth it in the long run?
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Well it comes down to the pure joy of vintage computing. I am typing to you now on an iBook 14" that I bought a few months ago. I am enthusiast. I have a Power PC 5500 up and running now surfing the web, chatting via Yahoo instant messenger, and AOL instant Messenger. I also use email on it and create web pages. In fact there's plenty one can do with an old mac. This particular one is going to be an FTP server eventually. It's already got MK Linux running on it (sans the ethernet card) on another Hard Drive. I want to get a fully functional OS 9.1 partition for abandon ware.
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Judging by that product number, it might be a MacConi card.
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It's an Asante MCiLC, based on the sticker on the front and the label on the circuit board. I can't make out the revision in the "front" picture, but it's on the circuit board itself right along the top edge after "ASANTE MCLC". That's a PDS-bus card, but that's OK, because from what I can tell the 5300 has a PDS slot, not a NuBus slot. The driver looks to be available here, first link on the page.

Someone else has seen what you're seeing. The advice to use OT instead of the Asante driver might be a good start.

That said, Shawn's on the right track: not because old computers are worthless, but because the 5300 is a particularly frustrating Mac. LowEndMac lists some of the reasons it calls the 5300 a "Road Apple" here.

One other thing to consider: 9.1 is much newer than that Mac. I'd get System 7.5.5 working first, and then try 8.1 and 8.6.
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Oop, should've paid more attention on preview: Yes, MCiLC = MacConi.
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I totally meant PDS lol.
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Judging by that product number, it might be a MacConi card.

my part no. is 09-0062-13 none of those driver links have that part number
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my part no. is 09-0062-13 none of those driver links have that part number

I think the -13 is either a revision #, or a way of tracking the method of sale.
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Well that driver doesn't work. I believe the letter "A" at the end is the revision. The documentation that comes with the driver doesn't have my part number included.

Thanks for you help though.
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Once again: That card is natively supported by OpenTransport. Stop using the driver already.
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