How can I invite people to a ninja day event?
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How can I invite people to a ninja day event?

December 5 is Ninja Day, and I want to throw a party in my office for it. But obviously I can't just send an Outlook invitation to announce it! Ninjas are like the opposite of an Outlook invitation.

How can I invite people to the party in a fun, creative way that's in keeping, at least somewhat, with the theme?
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Invites made of silver card/paper that are folded into shurikens, then left on peoples while they're out to lunch (stuck in the keyboard maybe?).
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...left on peoples' desks while they're out...
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Small invites slipped into their coat pockets when they're not around, taped over the optics on the bottom of their mouse, on the inside of a common-room cabinet, tucked into the toilet paper rolls in the bathroom, taped to the back of their laptop lid so it won't be seen until the laptop is closed.
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Stab the invitation to a pad of post-it notes with one of those sword like cocktail picks, leave it on their desk as a "message" they won't soon forget.
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I like the shuriken invite idea. Made a whole mess of these back in 4th grade, although we had to keep it secret from teachers 'cuz they were banned or dangerous or something. You know kids.

Ninja Star Origami Instructions

You might need to put a note on the outside telling the recipients to unfold the stars to see any messages you put within.
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Invites made of silver card/paper that are folded into shurikens, then left on peoples

Honestly, if you could find a way to leave them on the people, that would be awesome! Otherwise, if there is a way to wedge them into a doorframe or cubicle wall so that they seem like you threw them, that would be good, too.
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Get flowers delivered to the office - either black flowers or maybe a bunch of dead ones - with a hastily-scrawled name on it, or a blank card. While everyone goes up to the front desk one by one to try and figure out who the flowers are for, sneak over to their desks and put a sticky note on their monitor that has a single random letter on it. Once everyone has a sticky with a single letter, they'll probably try to figure out what it means, and will be busy putting all the letters together to spell something (but of course it doesn't spell anything, since it's random). While they're all preoccupied, sneak back to the flowers and replace the blank card with one employee's name. When they return, baffled, someone will check the flowers again and find the name. The flowers will be delivered to that employee's desk, at which point that employee will discover a box under his/her desk full of invitations (black envelopes, of course) for everyone in the office.
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This is nowhere near as creative as the other options, but if you could get someone in IT in on the game, you could get them to set up a proxy mailbox for you that is something like or Then send a very cryptic message to everyone through that mailbox.
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Little origami monkeys sneaking into their workspace with Ninja invites every time someone turns their back. Enlist deputy Ninjas to help with this.
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If email wasn't veboten by ninja standards, I would suggest the Master Ninja Theme Song as part of a quirky email invite.
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