Web-based self-serve tool to manage existing distribution lists?
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Looking for a web-based self-serve tool to manage existing distribution lists that will work with Exchange 2003 and 2010.

We're a large organization that relies on distribution lists to communicate issues to a number of users. Our current solution was made in-house but doesn't have any source code or support.

We're looking to buy a better solution. I've googled around but can't seem to find anything that meets our criteria.

Here's what we need:
-Ability to define which distribution lists can be managed, and to manage existing DLs
-A self-serve interface, and an admin interface
-Interfaces with active directory and exchange 2003/2010 through IE. Should be able to recognize users without them having to login (e.g. NTLM etc).
-Ability to manually define contacts external to the organization
-Ability to manually add embedded distribution lists
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