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Unexpected death in the family. I'm in charge of finding out how to obtain a memorial bench on the California coast, preferably in a state park.

Anyone have experience doing this? The phone menus, "please leave us a message" messages, and uninformative state park web pages are more than I can currently handle. If anyone's done it and can give step-by-step instructions, it would be much appreciated
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I'm sorry for your loss.

I managed to track down the California State Parks Foundation, which handles all donations to CA Parks. I called, and they said they do have a memorial bench program.

They said you should call Cecile Patterson at (415) 258-9975 to talk to her about it. (No phone menus or answering machines, either -- real people answered the phone!)

I hope that helps, and again, my condolences.
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Thanks so much for doing the legwork, occhiblu! That was very kind.
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I'm glad I could help. My mom died a few months ago, and I know how hard all the practical stuff suddenly gets. I was more than happy to donate some time (especially on an otherwise very slow day!) to help you out.
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If you need any other infocrawling done, I'd be glad to be of service. My condolences, as well.
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Thanks, ori.

I think y'all have covered it. Again, many thanks!
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