What's it like to live in Streatham?
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What's it like to live in Streatham, South London?

I've visited friends there but don't know the neighbourhood that well. I'm looking to move right now and there are some affordable places there (and commute-wise it works very well for me, which is why I am quite keen). I'd appreciate some insight from Mefites who've lived there for a while or can claim some familiarity with it. (I'm a woman, and would be living alone)
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Best answer: I live nearby (Brixton Hill). I like it. Not had a problem with street crime, car crime etc. Brixton really feels like it is on the up. Streatham a little less so. It has definitely gentrified. There are some reasonable pubs and restaurants but it's still quite local - by which I mean you don't find many people going out for dinner or drinks in Streatham unless they live there.

There is some great housing stock and flats round Streatham, and if you pick the right street, you'll get more space for your money than in Brixton, Clapham and Balham and be somwhere leafy and pleasant and near the trains.

For me, the Streatham Hill end is by far the nicest. And if you go west of the train station there you are, basically, in what residents there call Balham. The East side of Streatham Hill/High Rd is less leafy but still has some decent streets and the odd rather lovely Art Deco apartment block.
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Best answer: I also live in Brixton Hill and I would second what MuffinMan says.

The Urban75 Brixton forums might be a useful resource for you - they have a monthly 'chit-chat' thread where people will comment on crime and general happenings in the Brixton/Streatham area as well as what they had for tea and whatnot.
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Best answer: I lived on Leigham Court Road in 1991-2, and have visited the area regularly since. Streatham's not Balham for drinking holes/restaurants, but Streatham Hill in particular compensates for that with quiet, safety, some of the freshest air in London and a really good bus service. It's arguably just over the invisible forcefield which separates the life and energy of the capital and what I at least experienced as the comparatively drained and lifeless stretches of south London, but that's me, tastes and mileage vary and you may find that the lower voltage is just what you're looking for.

Food shopping is good - big supermarkets ahoy, and some real old-style independent shops. Streatham still supports the kind of eccentric, one-off shops that have long gone from Zones One and Two. And it's an area where a lot of brave people from other countries and cultures land and make a real go of it: there are cheering and inspiring things happening if you know where to look.

Personally, I'd find a place as close to Clapham or Balham as I could, but there are real bargains in Streatham as you say, and you might find yourself part of a trend. If you already know people there, I'd go for it.
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Response by poster: Nice one - thanks everyone. :)
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