Gnorthern California Holiday Gnocchi?
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Northern California Italian holiday gnocchi-like dish? A few years ago, maybe in Sunset Magazine, there was an article about festive holiday celebrations in Napa? Sonoma? Mendocino? and a beloved dish made in Italian delis that resembled gnocchi but had a different name. There might have been a recipe. I have mega-googled with no success. Mille grazie!
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Best answer: In Napa there is a guy who makes malfati which is like a long gnocchi but not potato. Instead I think it is like ravioli filling with flour mixed in. Sort of dumpling like.
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He used to run a restaurant and you could take a pot and walk in the back door and ask for however many dozen you wanted. He would cook it and fill your pot with malfati and red sauce with meat.
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Response by poster: Malfatti they are! The gnudi sound great too and really deserves 'best answer' status. Thank you both for such speedy answers!
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I grew up with the Depot version. I have lots of memories of standing in the back of the tiny dim kitchen trying to stay out of the way. Since the Depot closed they have been serving their malfatti at Val's another liquor store. Thanks for sharing the article! I didn't know the history!
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Yelp links: Clemente's at Vals and Lawler's.
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