How to turn audio and slides into a video
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I have an audio recording of a presentation and a PDF with the slides. What's the best way to post these online so people can watch it as a video, or at least look at the slides while listening to the audio?

I have a wmv file recorded from a webinar, but it doesn't play on a Mac, even with Flip4mac. I have extracted the audio and have a PDF of the slides used. The presentation is about 40 minutes long. My plan is to cut it all back together in iMovie and post it in sections on Youtube but if there's a simpler way I'd like to hear it.
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Perhaps try exporting a video from Keynote.
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Best answer: Look into The specific type of presentation you want to create is a slidecast. You upload the slides, upload audio, then use their tool to synchronize slides to the audio. SlideShare provides public access URLs, like YouTube. (I'm not sure if they support PDF but they might.)
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