Sex Postive Therapist in Chicago?
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Can anybody recommend a sex positive relationship therapist in or near Chicago?

My wife and I are having some marital issues and we've decided to seek counseling. We've been married for 11 years, we have children and our relationship is mostly great… except when it comes to sex. The issues we are having aren't so much about libido as it is about the kind of sex we are having. We used to enjoy kinks (nothing extreme) together (I am kinkier than her but she has her own kinks) but that has died down quite a bit and she also admits that she isn't as interested in sex as she used to be. She does still want sex occasionally but it tends to be plain vanilla sex. I've been feeling frustrated and sometimes resentful and I need to deal with this. I don't want to hold ill will towards my wife.

My wife was also sexually abused as a child and this is something that she has been in therapy for many years. She feels that she has a handle on this but also thinks that it may be negatively impacting our sex life and wants to address that facet of the issue. We considered seeing her current therapist but decided against that because my wife believes that her therapist won't appreciate our kinks.

What we are looking for is a couples therapist that deals with sexual issues as well as victims of sexual abuse. We live in Chicago but are willing to travel to the surrounding suburbs. How can we go about finding a therapist that fits us and our needs? Can anybody recommend a therapist?

You can answer here and if you have any questions or want to send a recommendation off askme, I can be reached at .
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If your wife wants to consider a personal therapist who is sex positive, I would highly recommend the Chicago women's health center.

I don't get the impression that they do couples therapy, but they might have some good recommendations for couples therapists.
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