Put the new battery ino the phone again, it can be working.
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Can anyone tell me what the purpose of this "Battery Connector" is? We purchased some replacement batteries for blackberries, and while we can read the engrish, we don't understand what exactly is taking place when we follow the instructions. Help me mefi!
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It's possible that official Blackberry batteries have some kind of smart chip in them that the phone looks for, preventing 3rd party batteries from being used in the phone. This is similar to those in ink and toner cartridges. The connector probably allows the 3rd party battery to get some kind of special code from the official battery to be able to be used by the phone.
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Yes, it's a device to clone the battery ID from the genuine battery to the replacement, zsazsa suggests.
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('as' zsazsa suggests, sorry)
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interesting, as these appear to be official blackberry replacement batteries and not an actual third party.
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The batteries you've linked to look very much like unbranded third-party batteries to me. The 'real' ones look more like this.
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I linked to that because it had a clear picture of the connector, not because they're the batteries we ordered.
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Then you might have gotten counterfeit batteries.
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