Hasselblad Accessory Hassle
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Looking for accessories for the older analog Hasselblad camera systems.

Analog Hasselblad accessories are gettig harder and harder to find. Does anyone know of small independant retailers, or other Hasselblad outlets for filters, lens caps, cable releases, film backs, dark slides, focusing screens, lens hoods, etc? If so, that would be great.
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I have bought a ton of Hassy stuff (and also Leica stuff) from KEH Camera (keh.com), a smallish resale and repair company in Georgia, and have never had a bad experience. Highly recommended.
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I don't have any direct suggestions, but have you tried asking in the forums at photo.net?
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Have you looked in B&H's used store?

Also: are you positive that Hasselblad doesn't have things like lens-caps and filters? You'd be surprised how many parts for old cameras the manufacturers still sell–particularly on the high end.
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Since you're in Portland, I would recommend Blue Moon Camera in St. Johns, if you haven't already (They also ship, in case you've moved on from Portland and haven't updated your profile.). I have word via an employee that they should at least have some lenses and film backs right now for the Hasselblad, but other stuff comes in, too. Give 'em a call! 503.978.0333.

(They don't list anything close to all their inventory online, so don't take the website listings as gospel.)
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This stuff ought to be all over the place, given how much is out there. If web searches don't pan out I'd say make voice calls to places like KEH, B&H, Adorama, Penn Camera, Ace Photographic, Roberts Imaging, etc. Also, eBay.

It will likely be a hell of a lot cheaper now than it was 25 years ago when I was buying it (and paying large $$$ for a lens cap for my SWC/M).

Also, if you're buying dark slides, try and get new old stock, or something with a return privilege. Take it from the voice of experience...
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I would second KEH.com. I have bought and sold from them (film cameras in general; I bought my Rollei from them) and they have decent prices. The condition of the item is always well-described and I have always gotten from them what I expected.

Also, ebay and perhaps Calumet. I know I've seen full Hassy outfits, as well as bits and pieces when I've gone in but check out their website or call them.

Also, local camera stores that sell cameras will usually buy or take trade-ins on camera gear. When I worked at one, we had used equipment coming through all the time that eventually ended up on Ebay. I got some really great deals on stuff no one else in the area would've really wanted or known what to do with. They don't often display it but I am sure if you were to ask, they'd probably sell it to you.
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Another vote for KEH. Back in the day, I used them extensively for Hasselblad, Leica, and 35 SLR stuff. Their grading system and descriptions was always spot on, and I never had a problem with anything, and never got a lemon from them when buying used stuff.

You have my sympathies. All those finely machined swedish parts and doo-dads used to be frightfully expensive. I've had good luck buying used film backs- Blad stuff is pretty bulletproof. But imjustsaying makes a good point that dark slides should be perfect and FAST. No sense making a slow camera even slower.
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