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What are some good social clubs / activities / volunteer-type things in the Seattle metropolitan area? I want to make more friends.

I would like to find a way to get involved with something, and as a result, make friends that are outside my current social circle.

- I'm a 20-something woman, and I would like to make friends of both genders, in any age-group (though I admit, it would be nice to meet guys somewhere other than at bars). Ideally, I hope that I could find people my own age, but I'm not sure that too many 20-somethings are joining clubs. Are they?
- I don't have too much disposable income, so I can't join something that would require me to purchase new gear (ie, a snowboarding club that I'd have to get a snowboard and a new coat and so on).
- I'm not terribly athletic but I am willing to try new things.
- Current interests include books, movies, photography, arts, diy, hiking, eating, drinking.... and so on.
- I'm relatively new to the Seattle area, so I don't know too much about the city itself.

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+1 There are hundreds of groups. There are groups that cover all your interests.

If you've never gone to a, here is a tip: Join and track several groups. Don't get discouraged if the first couple meetups don't work out. Each group is unique. Some organizers are more successful than others.

The public libraries have lots of activities and free classes, and provide a reason to visit different neighborhoods. Check both and

Ask your local librarian to point you to your neighborhood association and your neighborhood blog.

I follow the West Seattle Blog,, and their forums. I don't live in those neighborhoods. But those outlets have great local news coverage and forum discussions.

Welcome to Seattle. I've been here two years and I love it. Feel free to mefi-mail me with any questions.

- Val
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Also, I've met plenty of 20-somethings at meetups. Some of the groups are specifically for younger people.
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I've made lots of friends through the volunteer group one brick.
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Best answer: Do you know 826 Seattle? I don't know much about the Seattle branch, but I was an intern at 826 Valencia in San Francisco and a lot of volunteers were there because they were new to the city and wanted to meet people. The SF branch hosts a fair amount of volunteer get-togethers and events. Not sure if Seattle does something similar, but it's probably worth a shot.
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If you've got a bike, .83 is a fun time, and you'll get to explore the city fairly extensively. Especially in the winter you don't need to be athletic (it's too cold and wet to ride far), just somewhat brave. A taste for whisky helps too, but is not required.
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