Testing rdesktop.
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Is there a public test Windows XP machine online somewhere I can remote into with rdesktop and tsclient? I am trying to see how it is going to look and work when I remote into work machines on this Ubuntu box, but these are not yet set up. Other Windows are fine too.

other linux remote desktop client suggestions are welcome as well.

Note, this is for some techy freelancing!
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You could try and set up a winXP in Virtualbox on the ubuntu box and "remote" into that.
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I was going to mention Microsoft's test drive or virtual lab center, but from the looks of it, they require IE and ActiveX to launch their RDP sessions. If you have a Windows PC you could connect to them under Windows (or a Wine'd IE) and then get the IP of the session that is created for you (lasts 45mins). Ubuntu works pretty well as a rdp client (I use Remmina).

I think if you can get to the point of atleast seeing a login prompt, that should be good enough for your initial test. The tricky part will be configuring the work network to allow RDP traffic through its firewall (I wouldn't open this up to just any range).
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Best answer: If you're still stuck with this, drop me a mefi mail, and I'll spin you one up using my rackspace cloud account for a couple of days.

alternatively, if you've got an amazon ec2 account, you can use that to create a Windows server you can RDesktop onto.
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Response by poster: EC2 has worked for me, thanks and thanks for the kind offer seanyboy!
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