How to adjust two-line preview in Outlook 2010?
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Outlook 2010 driving me insane. I prefer to look at my mail with a two-line preview in the main column, and then the full message displayed in a window off to the right. That two-line preview used to show SENT BY and then SUBJECT LINE. Somehow it has switched to WHO THE MESSAGE WAS SENT TO and then SUBJECT LINE. I really don't care who else got a message I also received, I need to see the sender. This seems easy to fix but I'm losing my mind trying to do it. Anyone know?
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You should be able to right click the column header and get the Field Chooser. Do that and select the columns you want to see.
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Thanks! That was so unintuitive to me. Our tech guy couldn't figure it out for the longest time but finally he said essentially the same thing. WHEW!
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