How to follow the Icelandic music scene?
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I'm interested to find out if there are any (a) streaming radio stations or (b) mp3 blogs that focus on Icelandic music.

There's so much good stuff that makes its way over to the U.S. that I'm really curious to hear more of what's happening over there. A Google and search didn't turn up much.
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You can try RUV Radio which is the national broadcaster in Iceland.
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A friend from work had sent me this link a few weeks back
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ok, I'm gonna give you these, right, but JUST you. Don't show anyone else.

It's a trap ... and work your way through the downloads/clips over at Bad Taste.
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Here's a few record label websites. There might be mp3s there. At least band names are featured, so you can search for mp3s elsewhere.

This story from the BBC has lots of links to bands, etc.
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