A Verizon phone that can be silenced with any button press
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I'm looking for a (Verizon) dumb phone that will silence the ring when any exterior button is pushed.

I don't text or have a data plan, and need a basic phone (probably a flip phone), preferably cheap or free with a plan.

The sticking point is I absolutely require one feature: if the phone is ringing, I want to be able to silence it by pressing any of the buttons on the outside of the phone. I want to be able to silence it as soon as I can get my hands on it, instead of desperately fumbling to figure out where the correct teeny tiny button is located while it's ringing at an inappropriate time.

I cannot figure out why this feature isn't standard, but I've hunted down the manuals for several models (Verizon Wireless CDM8975, LG Revere, Samsung Convoy 2) and they all seem to require you to press a specific button to silence the ring.

Thanks for any models that you can suggest.
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May not be a new phone, but my old Motorola Rizr had this functionality.
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I'm not aware of any phones that allow you to silence the ringer by pressing any random button, but you mentioned getting a flip phone and I wanted to point out that a flip phone is pretty close to perfect for solving your "fumbling" issue because almost all flip phones have volume buttons on the side (i.e. accessible without flipping the phone open) and you can silence the ringer by simply pressing (and sometimes holding) either button. Being able to grab your phone and press a button on the side without having to look at it might be a good compromise if you can't find your ideal.
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In 2006 I bought (new) an LG 3400, the cheapest the Verizon store had at the time. It had exactly that functionality, which I still miss on my current smartphone. You won't be able to find it new, but maybe you can find it used on Craigslist or eBay. It's very basic, no camera, only basic texting capability (realistically, you won't be able to find a phone incapable of texting at all).
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Lg vx 8700 does this, and has full Bitpim support. Check eBay for one with a clean ESN. Good accessories on Amazon as well such as a higher capacity battery upgrade.
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I'm pretty sure my LG Env2 worked that way. I know for sure the buttons on the side silenced the ring and sent the call to voicemail, if not every button.
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