Searching for Polyhedral Light Fixture
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Looking for a polyhedral chandelier / light fixture.

I'm currently in the market for a light fixture / chandelier to put into a 2-story entryway. I recently wandered into Restoration Hardware and saw this.

My first reaction was that it was pretty neat -- I hadn't even considered something like it, and now I am. However, it's not entirely right for me. I'm not a big fan of the dark steel coloration of it, and I'm also not 100% sure on the exposed light bulb.

So, what I'm looking for is suggestions for light fixtures that meet the following criteria:

First, it has to be polyhedral. For entirely geeky reasons, I would love for it to be an icosahedron, but other options would be considered (dodecahedron is a close second).

Second, it needs to be either brushed nickel, chrome, or alternately some sort of plastic (white).

Enclosed or non-enclosed bulb is debateable -- I'd be willing to take a look at either.

It also needs to be big enough to be in a 2-story entryway without looking tiny.

My google-fu has failed me so far. What say you, MeFi interior decorators?
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I did a Google image search for "geometric pendant light" (no sane marketing person is going to advertize a polyhedron) and came up with this near the top of the results. If you do the same search, you'll find others.
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This guy's stuff is amazing: Hans Schepker
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You might also want to consider looking at Moroccan or Moravian lights. They have strong geometric shapes.
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There is a wood version which you might be able to paint white; a careful prep job could make it indistinguishable from plastic, especially from a few feet away. Although it seems kind of silly to do all that work for a light fixture that already is pretty expensive. Another option is to have a local metalworker make one up for you; I don't know how much that would be (and it probably varies according to what material and how you finish it) Locally I would approach this guy about commissioning such a piece, but would also ask at plain old welding shops as well.

If you are unsure about the exposed bulb you might consider a big globe or other specially shaped bulb.
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One other suggestion would be to buy something like this and have it made into a lamp. We had a local shop make a lamp for a retiring colleague out of an unused anesthetic vaporizer and it was pretty inexpensive.
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