11 minutes of passive entertainment wanted
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11 minutes of passive entertainment wanted

I do 11 minutes of exercise at home in the morning. Any recommendations for podcasts, YouTube channels, TED talks etc to keep me entertained or informed? Anything roughly in the range 7 to 15 minutes would do. I can keep an eye on the screen for most of it, but not watch it closely and continuously.
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Best answer: 10-minute comedy shows:
Childrens Hospital.
Look Around You.

10-minute podcasts:
A History of the World in 100 Objects.
The Moth.
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Best answer: Here are BBC podcasts sorted by duration. There are plenty in the 7 to 15 minute range; subscribe to the ones that sound interesting, give them an audition and settle on your favourites.

In your shoes, I'd be trying out A Point of View, Cook the perfect, A History of Mozart in a Dozen Objects, One to One, the Radio 3 Essay, A history of the brain, Profile, A Brief History of Mathematics, Four Thought, A History of the World in 100 Objects, Best of Today and Witness. Your tastes may differ, obs.
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Best answer: The Yogscast minecraft videos.

There's 81 10 minute episodes so far. It starts off as a hilariously bad minecraft tutorial, but it gradually changes into an epic fantasy adventure as the series go on.
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Best answer: Adventure Time episodes are 11 minutes long. You can find many on Youtube. Or so I'm told.
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Sorry, to clarify - you're looking for something specifically visual?
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Best answer: I think Robot Chicken is terrible, but it does have 11-minute episodes (not including commercials, which would be edited out if you watched it online).
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Response by poster: Either audio or video, both are fine.

Thanks for all the great answers so far!
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Best answer: the first two seasons of Metalocalypse are fantastic, and the episodes are 11 minutes each.
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