Good place to work for a few hours in San Francisco financial district?
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San Francisco financial district - where is a good indoor place to work for a few hours? My wife has a few hours tomorrow morning to kill before a meeting. She needs wifi, and the place should be generally quiet but still allow for occasional phone call (i.e. no library). Would prefer this not be a crowded coffee shop (i.e. no Starbucks or Peet's).

I did check here, but it's not completely on the mark for what I'm looking for.

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Best answer: I would go to a hotel lobby if I were her. The Embarcadero Hyatt was my home away from home for 3 months when I commuted weekly from the midwest.
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2nding motel lobby.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the good suggestions. The Sandbox looks pretty interesting - maybe a little pricey for a day visit, but looks like a better environment for solitary work than some of the other co-working options.
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Regus has some lounges in San Francisco, including the Financial District. You used to be able to get a 90-day Businessworld Gold membership that would allow use of these lounges with the TRIPIT promotional code. This may or may not still be possible.
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Yes to hotel lobbies. I'm not sure if the location works for your wife, but I can vouch for the San Francisco Marriott Marquis (55 4th St) as a good place to get work done: good free wifi, lots of electrical outlets, plenty of tables to sit at, etc...
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Seconding (well, many-ing) the hotel suggestion. In addition to the lobby, a lot of hotels, especially ones in older buildings, have really nice little mezzanine library/work area spots. I don't know of one specifically in San Francisco, but have encountered the phenomenon in a lot of older hotels, and hotels in older buildings.

If anybody in Portland ever referencing this question, the Ace has a really great work spot on the 1-1/2th floor and the Heathman Hotel has a nice one too.
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Response by poster: Thanks again everyone for your suggestions. My wife ended up using the Hyatt, which worked very well.
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