Liquid hand soap w/black "pearls"?
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A few weeks ago, I encountered a liquid hand soap that had these little black particles suspended in it. The dispenser was just your typical brand-name, pump handle dispenser, but the spout was a little bit wider than usual to let the black "pearls" pass through, which would dissolve as I washed my hands. What brand of soap was this?
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Bath and Body Works sells tons of hand soaps like this. They call them exfoliating microspheres.
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Seconding Bath and Body Works. They have a ton of different scents so check out their website.
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I don't pretend to be an authority on this. If they dissolve, then that's a different story altogether.

What I do know is that -- at least as of a couple of years ago -- a lot of these exfoliating soaps, body washes, etc. had little "beads" that were nothing but tiny little balls of plastic. It's quite possible that there was enough of an uproar about this that manufacturers have switched to something else. I certainly hope so.

My apologies for the derail, in any event.
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The Softsoap Advanced Benefits Collection has these little dissolving beads (not black ones that I can see though). I've bought it at Target.
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Response by poster: I appreciate the derail about the plastic. It's definitely worth investigating -- I don't want plastic going down my drain.
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I've seen the dissolving ones at Bath and Body Works (years ago so maybe discontinued) - not an exfoliant but an antibacterial thing.
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You can probably find some candidates in the in the lists here. Please choose the ones that have natural exfoliating agents, such as walnut shells, versus the ones that have plastic beads full of environmental toxins.
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I seem to recall having seen something like this at Target, but I'm at a loss to name a brand I'm afraid. I'm sure it's just some form of grit soap. Plastic going down the drain is perfectly ordinary, as grit soap (which has been around for eons) itself is stone/pumice/sand.
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