What's the name of the F1 victory song?
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What's the name of the Formula 1 victory song that played during the late 80s/early 90s. My recollection is that it was also used in a popular arcade racing game at the time. It features heavy 80s synth.

I'm having an incredibly hard time googling this, I must be using the wrong terms. The song is features 54 minutes in the Senna documentary after he wins the Brazil Grand Prix.
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This maybe?
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Yeah, restless_nomad has it. The Chain, according to wikipedia, was the theme music for BBC's Formula 1 coverage and was the basis for some music in the Formula 1 Grand Prix video game.
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The Chain is still the theme song for BBC F1 coverage. Last race this weekend, so catch it at 1500 GMT on BBC1!
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Unfortunately that is not it.
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This is definitely a F1 win jingle that I've heard in video games. Very synthy, and I haven't heard the full version. Just instrumental. I found a YouTube video of the victory, the song is at around 1:50.
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Here's another video featuring the same song starting at 1:28
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And here at the Monaco 1993 final lab at 0:19.
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That's the Tema da Vitória.
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