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Help me pick the best calendar for my office Yankee Swap!

This year's theme for the holiday swap is 2012 calendars. I want mine to be the one everyone wants to take home. Funny, funky, beautiful, or otherwise interesting. Not one that you can find at the calendar store that pops up at the mall this time of year. I'd prefer a wall calendar, but am willing to consider other formats. Weird looking animals, clever puzzles, amazing places....what can you suggest?
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This one has been around for awhile but it's one of my favorites.
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Despair's Demotivator calendar (the pre-printed one).
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I am always a fan of the Mütter Museum calendar.
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Oh! And, I've taken a linocutting class with this artist, Katie Muth, and I quite like her calendars too.

But I just realized my favourite calendar that I USE is my Art School Girl Perpetual Calendar.
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Check out this recent thread on weird wall calendars for ideas.
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Play With Your Food calendars:

Sea Food 2012 (vegetables & fruits made into sea life)
Baby Food 2012 (veg & fruit made into baby animals)

(that's all I could find, but there may be more!)
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Just a caveat to peagood's suggestion; I gave the Mütter Museum calendar to two work colleagues one year and while one loved it, the other one said that it gave her nightmares! (This was back in 2000. Maybe that edition was particularly unsettling).
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You'll also find unique 2012 calendars on Etsy. Many are one of a kind!
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Marked as best answer because I thought I had seen such a thread, but it didn't show up on my search before I posted the question. Thanks for all the answers, however.
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Krank Press makes a really nice series of letterpress seasonal produce calendars. They're perpetual for use year after year, and there are different ones for different regions of the US.
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Heavy equipment calendar. I got someone one once that was a calendar of implosions/demolition. V. cool, though I'm not finding it easily.
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Cabinet Magazine offers the 2012 Last Calendar, with nothing but the dates of predicted apocalypses. It only goes up to December 21.
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The ever amusing Goats in Trees Calendar!
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Cute Overload
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I just got this one. It's kind of weird and pretty although what really sold me was the raccoon astronomer.
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toilets of the world (I checked it out, just clean toilets nothing gross.)
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Every year, I get the Ferret Frenzy calendar for work. I don't like ferrets, but I just can't stop buying this one...
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