need floor layout software
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Can you help me find floor plan/room layout software that will help my relative run a vendor sales event?

I am looking for a piece of software that would help a relative run an event. The event allows vendors to reserve one or more tables and offer items for sale. This might be described as floor plan, room layout, or event management software. The workflow basically needs to be this: easily draw a number of tables (I believe 50 was the example told to me), then as people call or email to sign up to sell at the event, assign them the correct number of tables (perhaps by typing their name on one or more adjacent tables), print, and be able to easily search for a specific vendor while at the event.

Does anyone have experience with such a product that they like and would recommend? Here are my requirements:

- OS: Mac OS X preferred; web app OK; Windows XP/7 as a last resort (they would need to borrow a Windows system)
- Cost: No more than $150 for a single-user system
- Users: one user on one computer only
- Layout: Easily and quickly arrange a layout of tables in roughly a grid (a spreadsheet might work, but is there something better?); single floor; two-dimensional
- Locations: Automatically assign each table a unique identifier (e.g. J1, F3, etc.)
- Adjacent tables: Make it easy to assign a vendor an adjacent set of tables (e.g. C3-C6)
- Search: On the day of the event, have an easy search feature to locate vendors by name
- Printing: Allow the table layout and vendor names to be printed
- Sales: The software does not need any point-of-sale functionality looked promising, but kept returning an error in both Safari 5.1.1 and Firefox 7.0.1. I also looked at Room Magic, Google SketchUp,,,, and
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Best answer: When we ran a similar event a couple years ago we just used an excel spreadsheet with cells representing tables and other empty cells around them to show the gaps between tables. You could use google docs to do the same. But I guess that only works if your table arrangement is somewhat grid-like.
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Whoops, i see now you already mentioned the grid and spreadsheet idea. That's what I get for skimming on my iphone!

I still vote for spreadsheet over fancy software. It worked really well for us. There is the added bonus of being able to crosslink each table to detailed vendor contact which can be kept on another worksheet of the same file.
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Response by poster: Yep; my relative agreed that a spreadsheet will work.
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