Is it looking like a bad weather year for mid-December Vermont Skiing?
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We're considering a ski trip to Mount Snow, Stratton, or Okemo December 16th-18th. It doesn't look like there's snow on the ground yet, but we need to put in for vacation days early. Will we likely be OK, or should we forget about such an early-season trip given this year's weather so far? Thanks!
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Okemo will be open and blowing snow, so I'd plan to go and pretty much assume you'll have blown base with natural cover by then. There really isn't any way to know, though.
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Crap shoot. No way to tell. There will likely be snow on the ground but no one will be able to tell you the quality of snow or the quantity of terrain that will be open. If you need difficult terrain or gladed terrain in order to be happy you might end up disappointed.
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December is not early season skiing in Vermont - that's October! Make your plans and do go. All of those resorts will be blowing snow, as Darling Bri said, and will have a good chunk of their terrain open. And please go because the Vermont economy - especially its ski industry! - needs you.
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I've gone dec 9th with no snow, and dec 30th with giant snowstorms so you will probably be between the two!

It depends on your level of skiing and expectations. If you just want to have fun, have a weekend away with friends and maybe do some skiing then you will have a great time. If you need to SKI however, and that is your true primary piurpose, then you may be disappointed.

However, hiccups or 'bad luck' events often turn out to be the most memorable trips. Book it and have fun!
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone.

I think we'll wait another 2-3 days just to see what's happening, but probably end up doing it. Your consensus above seems to be that there will be enough snow blowing that for us amateurs, it'll be fun. That sounds about right to me.

And AthenaPolias, we're definitely going to spend money in Vermont at some point this season! If not now, maybe in February.
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