Flying into the wrong airport, now what?
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What's the best way to get from Washington Reagan airport to a hotel near Tyson's Corner, VA?

Yes, I know that I should have flown into Dulles but I'm not. As I understand it, I can either get a taxi from Reagan at about $55 or take the Metro to Dunn-Loring and then get a taxi. Not worried about taking the Metro but will have a few pieces of luggage to cart with us. How hard is it to get a taxi from the Metro station? We could probably get friends to pick us up at the Metro station if that's the only choice. Anybody familiar with this route got a better plan?
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What time are you arriving? That is a big question as well. The metro stations typically have a cab or two waiting, yes even Dunn Loring.

Metro has elevators and plenty of space (as long as not during rush) if you're worried about carting luggage.
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This Tuesday evening about 8:30 pm.
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Either get a cab at the airport or call ahead and have one meet you at Dunn-Loring, that's a park and ride station in the suburb area, there may not be a cab just waiting around on a Tuesday night
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Your hotel may also run a shuttle to and from a metro line. Call and ask.

(I was just there at the start of the month and our hotel had a shuttle but it was just a morning and an evening run).

I can't really say I enjoyed staying in Tyson's Corners as I am not a shopper.
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I wouldn't depend on a cab being at dunn loring at 8:30. Call a cab company and schedule a pick up.

But this is the kind of question the hotel front desk is there to answer, so I would ask them.
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With regard to calling a cab - If you call ahead for a cab, some area cab companies will assign you a cab, and some will just put a message out to their cabs. The latter method has caused some problems for me in the past - Blue Top (, 703-243-8294) assigns cabs, they're pretty good.
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Also: This option heavily depends on where your hotel is located, but there is a bus from Crystal City to Tyson's Corner (PDF). Crystal City is one metro stop north of the airport and the bus pickup is right outside the metro. It runs pretty late.

If you do take this plan (or if something goes horribly awry with your plan, or whatever), memail me. I live right by DCA.
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1. You are more likely to get a cab at West Falls Church than Dunn Loring.
2. As others have said, your hotel may well have a shuttle either to Dunn Loring or West Falls Church.
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If it's classy enough, your hotel's shuttle will pick you up at National. So call 'em up, say you have a reservation and when you'll be at the airport, and hope for that happy response.
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I have found D.C./Virginia taxi service from/to airports and Metro stations to be unreliable at best, and it might get a bit pricy directly from DCA.

You might consider something like the SuperShuttle instead. The shared vans are fairly cost-effective, and it's easy to catch them from the airport and have them take you directly to the hotel.
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Hotel only shuttles from Dulles and only limited service; I asked. Thanks for the responses but it's looking like we'll spring for the cab or super shuttle.
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Anybody who might read this in the future...we found Super Shuttle DCA to be extremely unreliable.
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Aw, sorry to hear that tamitang.
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Unfortunately I'm only now seeing this, but yeah; I've had zero good experience with SuperShuttle in DC.
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