Finding a drug and alcohol rehabilitation charity
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Help me find a good US-based alcohol and/or drug treatment charity that's not affiliated with any religion.

I'm not asking for anyone, just looking for a program to add to my holiday charity list. The closer the program is to actually helping people on the ground the better. Ideally this would be a place where people without resources could go for detox, rehab, and/or sober living without being sold on religion. I'm also interested in charities or foundations working directly on addiction research but less interested in those that focus on lobbying or awareness.
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I just went to their benefit on Friday night, and I know the founders: the folks at the Harm Reduction Therapy Center do awesome, awesome work. They do direct services with patients and they train clinicians.

The Harm Reduction Therapy Center (HRTC) is a certified drug and alcohol program with a mission to transform substance abuse and mental health treatment in the United States. We have created a treatment model that welcomes people into a treatment regardless of the status of their drug and alcohol use and regardless of their goals for future use. Our approach is pragmatic and compassionate.

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Hmm. Dawn Farm in Ann Arbor is effective, cheap and chronically underfunded, but it's a bit far from home.

I had a roommate who worked there for years, and they have really good numbers specifically because they're very pragmatic about their approach and don't go in for a lot of religious mumbo jumbo.
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SMART recovery is a science based alternative to AA.
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I'll second Dawn Farm. It's an excellent facility, well managed, and effective.
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