Help me find these earrings! They mean a lot to me.
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Help me find these blue rose earrings, please.

My autistic brother bought me earrings with money he had saved up years ago. He chose them all by himself, and I love them!! They both fell out of my ears at dinner tonight and I am pretty sad over it (I know, I know, they are just objects) but if I could find ones that are exactly the same, I would cry from happiness, and if not, then at least I can say that I've tried.

They are hook earrings, one bright blue/teel rose per ear (perhaps made of some sort of metal, they aren't the ceramic/resin types of roses that are so popular lately). Also, there are 4 baby blue (maybe swarovski?) crystals adorning the rose, two side-by-side on the top, bottom, left, and right of the rose.

The rose part of the earrings looks like this. Although, the jewels are set more to the side of the rose in mine, as opposed to the way these are behind the rose like in the picture here.

Here's a brighter blue rose that, color-wise, it's probably is closer to.

I've looked on etsy and ebay with no luck. Maybe someone out there has better luck online or knows where I can find them in-store. I seem to remember a store in a huge mall near my house that carried a bunch of this type of jewelry (probably where my little brother went to get them), where all the necklaces and earrings are jewel-toned (blue, deep purple, deep green and red etc) and everything was blinged out in tiny multicolored-swarovski-type crystals.

Any help would, seriously, be much appreciated! Thank you metafilter, for at least being here, so I can at least sleep knowing that I tried!
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Where were you having dinner? Could you go back there or call to see if they've been found?
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I've spent a while looking now and I see what you mean about it not being easy to find. Assuming you've gone and scoured the restaurant or location where you had dinner, etc, it sounds like that store in the mall near home might be your best bet. The mall website could have a list of stores, or it might show up in Google Maps or on Yelp.

If that doesn't work, I'd look for something similar, and see if either it's close enough, or if the people behind it can make or help you find something more like the earrings you had. A lot of Etsy jewelry-makers can do custom work.

Here are the best leads I can suggest for finding something similar:
1. 'Enamel' seems to be a good search term to include in your rotation
Blue enamel rose flower dangle earrings
Royal Blue Rose Enamel Earrings
(although I know those don't have the swarovski crystals, it might be a good direction - or if you can find something similar on Etsy, you can ask to have something custom made, although I've had no luck looking on Etsy so far).

2. You can also check what the ebay seller has, or ask them if they have it in a different color. Not everyone is going to want to be helpful but you can always ask. The seller of the second item ('royal blue' earrings) above also lists the same earrings in green, pink, gold, and gray, so it seems quite possible they would know where to find it in a blue closer to what you had. Similarly the seller on your first link has those same earrings listed in purple, so they may have more available too.
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Response by poster: Yep already left a message with the restaurant. Thanks Lady Li, I hadn't thought about contacting sellers and seeing what they could to do customize something...
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Response by poster: Months later, answering my own question, I think I found the same artist:
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