Help me remember the name of this old obscure sci fi comic book.
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I'm trying to find a specific old comic which details the history of an alien humanoid civilization.

When I was a kid in the 80s, my grandmother gave me this big comic book. It looked old and obscure even for that time.

The story was nested. At first it followed a crash of a UFO on Earth, then followed the lifelong pursuit of a scientist to translate the documents contained in the craft.

At the end of his life, he managed to crack the code, and the documents captured the most significant events in the history of the alien civilization which launched the craft.

I remember the rest of the story more vaguely. I think they went from hunter gatherers to spacefarers, with a lot of barbarianism and war in there. There was some sort of election where everyone tossed different colored rocks into a ditch, each color representing a vote for a different candidate. (I always thought that was a pretty insecure system for an election, even as a kid.)
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Best answer: Was it The Trigan Empire?
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Little known fact... The Trigan Empire is currently being developed into a feature film.
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