Do you have any recommendations for a custom pet portrait?
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Do you have any recommendations for a custom pet portrait?

I've looked through etsy, and I have no particular feeling. Is there another place I should look? I just can't decide - and some don't include the original picture. I'd rather a painting (probably watercolor) rather than drawing. I just would like some hive advice, if there is any. Looking to get both my parents dog (a sheltie) and boyfriends parents dog (a golden retriever mix) done.

I'd love to try to keep this under $50 per painting, but I recognize that might not be possible.
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Ashley Beech Reid does amazing work, and she donates a percentage pf her commission to the animal charity of your choice.
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I know this person does both traditional oil paintings and curious portraits as well as very cool prints. Personally, I think the prints are the bees knees.
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I love the paintings Kim from Yellow Brick Road does, and have one on order for my husband.
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Sorry, I thought I was going to be able to link directly to my favorite images, but they all go to the main genre pages...
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David Scheirer has an Etsy shop called studiotuesday. He does custom portraits starting at $100 for a 5x7" drawing with watercolor wash. His work is probably more expensive than you were hoping for, but it's really beautiful.
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I really like the portraits by this artist, especially her Painterly Style.
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try locally...on craigslist, top left corner...artists...
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She's amazing!
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Let me try again - Rachael Rossman:

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Out of San Francisco: Stefan Salinas.
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here are a couple more options - i haven't investigated them though.

Carter Kustera, which has a Groupon special (not sure if still active)

Katie Logan

for a totally different approach, here are some felted pet portraits. If you look around the dooce website you can see pictures of the dogs that inspired these.
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A friend of mine does this; I've always liked her work.
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