Thanksgiving dinner on a road trip
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Looking for a reasonably priced restaurant serving Thanksgiving dinner near the New Jersey Turnpike.

My family and I will be driving from CT to the DC area on turkey day and we'd like to break up the trip by having our dinner on the way. We'd be taking the NJT/I-95 and we're thinking somewhere between about Trenton and Wilmington would be ideal.

I'm not sure where to start searching for restaurant options on the way, though, and we could be flexible for the right spot.

- Not too expensive. $30 or less per adult would be ideal, as would a discount for kids.
- Along with that, a family-friendly and casual atmosphere.
- Prefer not to do a buffet.
- Relatively traditional (i.e. they serve turkey with other options for non-turkey-lovers; no Indian restaurants or pasta joints.)

Thanks for any tips you might have!
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Cracker Barrel does a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with all the fixings. We had Tday there a couple of years ago when we were on vacation over Thanksgiving.
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We had Thanksgiving dinner at a restaraunt in West Trenton last year. It was very nice and affordable. The name of the restaurant is Paulies Anna Rosa Restaurant. They have a website. No, I'm not affiliated with them. It was a nice dinner.
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nthing Cracker Barrel for an inexpensive well done traditional dinner.
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Nthing Cracker Barrel. Or, if you're willing to go a little out of the way Mimi's Cafe has a great traditional turkey dinner as well - I think the Columbia location is probably closest to your route.
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I hadn't considered Cracker Barrel but I think it may be the ticket for us this time. Thanks for the tips and enjoy the holiday, everyone.
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