Hello, halogen oven.
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Do I want to buy a halogen oven?

I've been living happily without an oven for a couple of years, but now I want one. I've decided to get one that is freestanding and portable, and preferably available on Amazon Prime so I can get it in time for Thanksgiving. Do you have a halogen oven (example here)? I'd primarily be using it for roasting meats and baking casseroles, but also want to make the occasional cakes and cookies. Do you like yours, and will it work for my purposes?
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Best answer: I've got one similar to this, except that it's so old (I've had it 15 years or more) that it's not actually halogen, it's just a a fan oven, but otherwise identical to the one in my link. (US equivalent here.)

Living by myself, it's great when I don't want to fire up the main oven just to cook something small. But one Christmas when my oven was broken, I used my table top oven to cook a small turkey, and all the other things that needed an oven for Christmas dinner - roast potatoes, stuffing, etc. It has an extender ring so you can make the bowl significantly bigger if necessary.

It's fine for baking, in fact it's better than my real oven because the heat circulates very quickly around the food. I don't have experience of the NuWave you linked to, but reviews on the web favour the style I linked to rather than the NuWave.
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