Why can't my Apple iTunes read CDs burned using Windows iTunes?
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When I burn CDs using my PC's iTunes for Windows, the iTunes I'm running on my Apple iBook has trouble reading them.

Specifically, the Apple iTunes program won't allow me to import songs on the Windows iTunes-burned CD into the Apple iTunes library. Any help would be much appreciated. The CD just keeps turning and turning and turning in the drive, and nothing ever imports.
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Perhaps the Apple drive is having trouble reading the disc itself? I had problems playing plain audio CDs in my car's CD player. Changing to a different CD burner solved the problem (same media, different burner).

If there's a data portion on the CD, can the Apple read that?
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Did you burn it as a data CD or as an audio CD? What shows up in Finder?
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Could very well be the CD. In the past, I've had Macs that were very picky about the media. One brand would play perfectly while another brand wouldn't even mount.
Did you burn to a CD-R or a CD-RW? If the latter, try re-burning to a CD-R.
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