You Better Belize It!
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I'm looking to find some Belikin beer (domestic to Belize) in Austin, Texas. I've already tried Specs, to no avail. Anybody have any idea if/where I might have some luck?
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Possibly the big Whole Foods at 6th and Lamar. They gave a large beer selection that rubs to the eclectic.
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err, *have
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You could call Belekin directly and see what their distribution arrangements are. Last time I heard you could only purchase Belekin in California, New York, and Indiana. That may have changed.
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I think Beer Advocate has a beer exchange, you may look on there.
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I lived in San Antonio after taking a trip to Belize and asked around at my local stores, no one had ever heard of it. It's decent beer, but for my money rum with real actual sugar coke was like goddam crack after that trip.
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You might have to make a few phone calls. Down south, the Whip-In is your best shot. Just north of campus, you might check with the Pronto Mart in Hyde Park. Up north, check the Sunrise Mini-Mart on Anderson.
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+1 on Whip-In!
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I'd check with Central Market on North Lamar. I seem to recall buying Belikin there (for our post-Belizian-honeymoon-party). They do have many of the other Central American beers for sure. I'd call and check with their beer + wine department. (512) 206-1000 is the main number.
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If the Whip In can't get it for you, it can't be gotten.
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