Help me make my nerdy rock collection look classy and victorian!
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Calling all nature and geology collectors! Help me find a rock/mineral display stand like this one.

So I saw this sourceless picture of a vintage geode specimen display on some blog, and now I MUST have globe inspired displays for my own rock collection. It appears to be a globe-style display stand where you can clamp an object in the center there using the screws. My google-fu has failed me completely. So far my best leads have been on Ebay (I have a Black Belt in Ebay-Fu): This cute little guy and and this one lead me to believe that at some point, somewhere, these stands were actually produced. And so I must have one! Or six!

AskMe, you are my last hope. Ideas?
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The search term you want is "caliper stand". Here's one, here's another on ebay... but the terminology should get you there.
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Various sizes for sale here.
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Response by poster: Thanks you guys! I knew Metafilter would know!
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