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I love the Tsubo Millay shoes I just got, and would like to get more of this type of sporty shoes that still look smart. What are some other brands I should consider?

I have overall wide feet but narrow heels. The longest part of my foot is at the big toe and second toe, so shoes tending toward pointy toes don't work for me (e.g. Pumas, they press and pinch my feet in all the wrong places). The Tsubos I have fit my feet well, and I also really like the thin soles, which I find lead to a more natural gait on my part. I want to know if there are other brands offering shoes like this. I would prefer brands available in the U.S.
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Camper? I find they fit well, much like Tsubos. I also like Fly London, and Kickers (though I don't think Kickers does thin heels). Look for European shoes.
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The shoes you linked to remind me of the Merell shoes my girlfriend frequently wears. I can't speak to fit, but they do look similar to me. Here are a couple examples.
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I have a pair of Pr!vo (Privo?) by Clarks that look just like that but in black. When I look at their website, they have a ton of similar shoes and Clarks has a great reputation as comfortable shoes (these Privo are pretty darn comfortable, I must say).

Zappos has kind of mixed reviews for folks with wide feet/narrow heels, though, so you may want to read the reviews and then see.
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I am a big fan of the Peu line of Campers. There is some variation, but the two pairs I own have thin soles and ample room for a wide foot. They are pricey, but you can usually find them on sale online.
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