Swim Trunks. Stat.
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Where can I buy swim trunks in London today?

I'm headed off for the weekend this evening and have neglected to pack mine. Going back home to get them would be a burdensome detour. Any places where I can find a reasonably priced pair of swim trunks, ideally in the Bank area, but really anywhere along the way from Bank to Paddington to catch my train would be great.
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I'd hop on the Central Line from Bank to Oxford Circus (about 10 minutes) and go to JD Sports, or really any sports shop on Oxford Street.
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Bank on sports, on Poultry
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At Bank, you're a short walk from One New Change, a small shopping centre near St Paul's. I haven't been in, but it looks like there are a handful of menswear shops there. I'm not certain that they'll have swimwear at this time of year, but it's probably worth a try.

If you can make your way to Piccadilly Circus, go into Lillywhites, which is a huge sports shop. You can then get on a direct tube to Paddington from there.

Oxford Street has any number of clothing or sports shops, if you can tolerate the Christmassy cheer that has started to infest the place. As fight or flight says, it's a quick hop on the Central line to Oxford Circus, then a direct tube from there to Paddington.
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John Lewis along oxford street has a swimwear section.
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As a cultural point, shorts are more commonly worn in the UK than trunks.
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