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I am going to teach a Mac user basic HTML. Could you recommend a simple, preferably free, HTML editor for Mac?
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Response by poster: I know this has been asked before, but the most recent answer seems to be from 2009, and I haven't found an ideal program while searching through previous questions.
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If you're looking for a text editor (as opposed to a WYSIWYG editor), Bluefish is free and the basic stuff is simple enough. I use it under Linux, and I used it on my new work Mac for a week while I waited for the IT department to get me a BBEdit license. Download the OSX dmg here. It's about as good as it gets for free text editors.

If you're looking for something with a WYSIWYG element, there's always the Mozilla Seamonkey.
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Personally I love coda, but for free aptana is a good environment. For the basics textwrangler should do the job
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BlueGriffon might meet your needs.
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Response by poster: Thanks - BlueGriffon looks good! I don't use a Mac, so your recommendations are very helpful. I'm looking for a WYSIWYG editor, not an all-purpose text editor.
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Allow me to shill for Apple--there's a program called iWeb that's part of OS X. I can't endorse it, really, as I've only used it for an evening or so while I was playing about.
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Don't go with iWeb.
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If you want to teach them HTML and not WYSIWYG, what you'll want is TextWrangler.

(I noticed the download link seems to not be working, but it's also on the App Store).
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I would highly recommend that you do not teach someone HTML with a WYSIWYG editor. They will learn bad habits and almost nothing useful.

Basic HTML is simple to understand, and a lot easier to understand if you're doing it with a text editor.

I'd recommend a copy of TextMate and Head First HTML.

TextMate is a text editor that does automatic tag highlighting and auto-complete. That's as much help as you really need to learn the basics.
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Textwrangler is great. It has a very powerful GREP engine and a lot of other useful text-massaging features. It doesn't do autocomplete, it doesn't (internally) preview your code. It's got a wonky old-fashioned interface. Free

Coda is the opposite: beautiful, auto-complete, not so great on batch-mode features or GREPping, good integration with FTP and previewing (and Unix shell). Kind of expensive.

There's also Cloud 9, which is a code editor in your browser (based on what used to be called Bespin).
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Another vote for TextWrangler. If all goes well with that, you can upgrade to its big brother BBedit, which is fantastic and relatively cheap.
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Another vote for TextWrangler.
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Response by poster: Hmm.. I think I have misunderstood the term WYSIWYG. There's no way to learn HTML unless you learn the basic tags (a href... etc). Thanks for your suggestions!
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Response by poster: Will look into TextWrangler as well.
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TextWrangler is great!
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If you want full WYSIWYG where it works like a word processor - type and format the text and it will write the HTML for you, then there doesn't seem to be much/any competion for Dreamweaver (30 day free trial). I'm not sure I'd recommend buying it, it's expensive and has a million features you don't need but the trial might be long enough for your training.
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