Recommendations for appliance repair in/near Madison, WI?
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Recommendations for appliance repair in/near Madison, WI?

Our gas oven is experiencing this and so almost definitely needs a new igniter. It doesn't seem hugely difficult, but I have no time to spend getting acquainted with the basic knowledge needed to avoid electrocuting or gassing myself... and so it seems best to just pay someone to spend an hour fixing the issue.

The question is who. Thus far we haven't had any issues that haven't been clearly the domain of the plumber or the electrician. Googling for 'appliance repair' around here gives a laundry list of very small businesses with no distinguishing characteristics, as well as one or two which boast a half-dozen almost-laughably-astroturfed Google reviews. Then of course there's Sears, about which the less said the better.

Any Madisonian MeFites out there who have a go-to appliance repair person or shop -- I'd love your input right about now. Thanks!
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I haven't had occasion to use them, but I've heard good things about Birrenkott Appliance on Atwood Ave. The Isthmus did a little write-up about him a couple of years ago. I'm not 100% sure he does service calls, but he'd be my first phone call if I were in the same situation.
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