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What is the best/coolest/most cutting-edge multimedia content being created for tablets?

I'm interested in creating content for tablets and on the search for inspiration.

I'm aware of the Atavist, Moonbot Studios, Al Gore's Our Choice, and James Frey's bizarro studio. I get the New Yorker, the Economist, National Geographic, and Wired on my Ipad.

What else should I know about? App magazines? Appbooks? Enhanced books? Design pieces? Basically, who's doing the most interesting work?

I'm specifically interested in content, not games or practical apps.

If it helps, I'd also love to see any:

1) Blogs/commentary about digital publishing or content for tablets.

2) Awards given for this kind of thing.

3) Compelling web-based work that combines text, sound, and video.

Thanks in advance! I'm excited to see what comes up.
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Check out Bjorks Biophillia app/album/game/thingamajig for iPad
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Here is someone/thing you probably won't have heard of: Tom Moor is an incredible indie designer who has been coding a wonderful irregular series of ipad magazine apps called Letter to Jane. Each issue, has stepped further and further away from the staid and clunky designs used by most major ipad magazines and he currently has a kickstarter running for a fourth issue, with an interesting model where other would be indie ipad devs can get the source code for $200. Highly Reccomended

I find the design of the magaziner website infuriating, but they are extremely on the pulse of new developments in this area, and are worth reading.

Readmill is an ipad ebook reading app / social network that distinguishes itself from the competition by actually caring about good design. At the moment the app has real issues with font sizes and many rough edges that mean I can't recommend it for reading with just yet, but even the possibility of a well designed ipad ebook app is notable given how uninterested in the reading experience the major players seem to be.
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take a look at the ipad app for the book Nonobject by Branko Lukic. Not mind-blowing (though the content of the book is fantastic), but it's very good design - a really good way to translate a book to the ipad.
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Thanks all! Some good stuff. The magaziner seems like an especially strong resource.
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